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korean yong(Draco Orientalis Koreensis)

Korean Yong
Genus: Draco
Species: orientalis




Coloration: Gold or yellow
Range: Korea

The four-clawed Korean Yong(Draco orientalis koreensis), though less friendly than the Chinese Lung, remains a fascinating creature which prefers to dwell in the volcanic mountain springs of Korea. Contrary to previous opinion, they have four toes on each foot.

Description. Edit

The Korean Yong is 8 to 10 feet high(2.4 to 3m) and up to 50 feet in length(15.2m). They are narrower and longer than the Chinese Lung but with a similar body shape. They are coloured yellow or gold with a white mane and whiskers. They have larger scales than other species and fewer spines. Their long feelers are used to find prey underwater. Their call is similar to a yodel which fades to a low drone.

They prey on mostly on small mammals, their favourite being musk deer. They constrict their victim before swallowing it. To capture prey, they hypnotise them using a combination of a strange, swaying dance and their call.

Range. Edit

Yong prefer mountainous regions with volcanic pools, where they will spend the winter. Their lair is often a cave or crater near one of these springs. They will use cold pools for breeding sites, although regular heating is required. The eggs resemble those of a Chinese Lung but turn gold when wet. Their chicks are mainly aquatic and only fully emerge when they reach adulthood.