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Mexican Amphithere
Genus: Draco
Species: americanus




Coloration: Iridescent green-blue with a paler green belly
Range: Central and South America

&nbsp The Mexican Amphithere (Draco americanus mex) is an enigmatic dragon which could have inspired the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl.


Mexican amphithere (Draco Americanus Mex)

Description Edit

They are 5 to 10 feet high(1.5 to 3m) and 45 feet long(13.7m), with a 6 foot(1,8m) tongue which has to curl around the back of its skull. Colouration is iridescent blue-green with a paler green belly. The wings turn purple while the mane and tail feathers turn gold in the breeding season. They squawk in a manner similar to a parrot and eat large land animals. Lairs are found near water, with their nests resembling coracles containing three hard eggs. Eggs are able to float and are brown with orange markings. Chicks have to wait in rocky holes for three years until their wings grow. They generally dislike a human presence but a colony of them, they are beautiful bird like creatures,

Description from Drake's Comprehensive Compendium of Dragonology:Edit


5 to 10 feet high(1.5 to 3m); 45 feet long(13.7m).

General DescriptionEdit

Bird-like in appearance, with very large, feathery wings and a long tail with a feathered tip; no legs; an enormous red tongue - up to 6 feet in length(1,8m) - used to catch prey when in flight. Its swooping flight pattern and lack of legs make this dragon easy to identify from a distance.


Dazzling iridescent green-blue scales along the neck, back, and tail; paler green belly; feathers similar in colour but giving way to much brighter plumage during the summer breeding season, when the mane and tail feathers turn a golden colour; purplish sheen to wings; bright yellow eyes.


This Amphithere guarded the treasure hoard of El Dorado.

Amphithere Dragon Egg

Amphithere Egg

Amphithere Dragon Footprint