Do krakens still lurk below the ocean waves? Do griffins command the air above? In a fascinating new discovery sure to rival the ground-breaking DRAGONOLOGY, the intrepid Dr. Ernest Drake turns his inquisitive gaze from dragons to other so-called mythical creatures.


  • A removable letter from Dr. Drake
  • Multiple foldouts, flaps, and pull-outs
  • Textured "samples,"including sea serpent bookkk skin and a feather from a winged horse
  • Booklets of useful information -hinx
  • A six-page booklet for young explorers to fill in themselves

Monsters Listed in Book[]


For anyone who has ever wondered whether legendary beasts still wander among us, this lush look at an astounding array of creatures offers everything a true believer would want to know.

A second major volume by the esteemed Dr. Drake -- a lavish exploration of fantastical beasts, from yetis to unicorns. All mythical creatures are real!


author: Dr. Ernest Drake

illustrator: Douglas Carrell / Nicholas Lenn / Helen Ward

editor: Dugald A. Steer


In 1898 famed Dragonologist, Dr.Ernest Drake set forth on his yacht, The Hydra for a year-long voyage around the world to start a new science, he deemed it "Monsterology". He also started a new society. He called it the Societas Monstrorum.


  • USA Price- $10.99
  • First Release- August 2008
  • Age Range- 8 years old and up
  • Grade Range- Grade 3 and up
  • Hardcover (only)
  • Number of Pages- 32
  • Size- 10 1/16" x 11 13/16"


  • This is the second series that was written by Ernest Drake, a record amongst Ology writers.
  • Dr Drake has also published a mini-volume on the same subject called "Working With Monsters : A Course In Monsterology"

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