Ology World is the official website for the Ology Books.


  • The Librarian- The Librarian is a man who starts the tour at Ology World. At first he introduces you to the site, says a few things, then he pulls out the options jewel and places it on the bottom. Then he stands there while you explore the site. If you click on him, he will either polish something, knock on the computer screen or give you a hint.
  • Dugald Steer- He stands in the reading room, and reads exerpts from the books. He is also the editor of the Ology series.
  • The Books- The parts of the site about the individual books allow you to see a spread of each book and enlarge some of the images.
  • News- A section of news about new books, pictures of the month and much more.
  • FAQ- A list of Question and their Answers.
  • Projections- A room for videos about the books.
  • The Ology Pod- A room where you get to see a video on the new 'Ology book "Spyology" and worksheets for members.
  • Shop- Where you can go buy Ology books and products.
  • Games: Three games have been released. In Dragon Flyer, the player as Dr. Drake chases Ignatius Crook while avoiding dragondust and collecting gems. In the members-only Virtual Familiar, the aspiring wizardologist must feed and teach their virtual pet. The most recent game, Oceanographer, stars Zoticus as he tries to create lines of three or more fish.

Members Only.Edit

  • Members Key- This is the first thing in your Collector's Case. It allows you to log in and enter the members room.
  • Collectors Case- This is the place where you can store stuff you find. It holds 8 items, although only 6 have been released.
  • Members Room- A secret room that has games, artwork and more.
  • Knowledge Cards- Cards that you can collect. There are 52 so far.
  • Cryptobox- Allows you to enter a code and see some bonus material.
  • Newsletter- Members get a email every month with news and codes for the Cryptobox.