The Six-legged Salamander (Salamandra ignis) is only found in active volcanoes. To protect themselves from the lava they exude a venoous fluid to extinguish the flames.

Description. Edit

They are 2 feet long and 8 inches high. These salamanders can be hand-reared but their nests must be kept at Fahrenheit 451. Their third pair of legs may have evolved fom ancestral wings. All of their limbs break off easily but regrow in a few hours. They eat sulphur-loving plants, glow-worms, fireflies and any other small insects. Soft eggs are laid in the vents of volcanoes; when the young hatch, they burrow into the ashes and emerge to feed on fireflies. Needless to say, ordinary salamanders do not enjoy this. Dr. Drake often used their shed skin as a catalyst.

Prester John's Preserver Edit

Take the hairs from between their toes and wind them around a pine branch. Wave the branch three times while crying: "Wool of cold, wool of old, Flame may bite; fire is bright. By this spell, I flames repel! SINFOC SALAMANDRELLO!" This protects you from flames and magma as long as you hold the branch. You can use their shed skin but it has less of an effect.