Is it true that a humble stone can summon a sea serpent to your aid? Do you know the best way to remedy a cyclops’s "lazy eye"? What bison-like creature burns its enemies with venomous dung (and must be approached from the front)? How does one reliably tell true beasts from false, and what do stitches and glue have to do with it? Even monsterologists who know their bigfoots from their bakus can be stymied by the unexpected, and here is a no-nonsense source brimming with fun hands-on lessons guaranteed to leave the reader confident and prepared.


-- one envelope with a pull-out surprise

-- a removable certificate of achievement

-- four pages of monstrous stickers

-- fact files on beasts of the earth, water, and air -- as well as monsters that are semi-human


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Author: Dr. Ernest Drake


Editor: Dugald A. Steer


U.S. price: $12.99

On sale date: 09/2009

Type/format: Gift Book / Hard Cover- Unjacketed

Age range: 9 yrs and up

Number of pages/size: 80 / 7 1/16" x 8 1/4"

Grade range: Grade 4 and up


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