The Unicorn has four subspecies. There was an ancestral Unicorn known as the Plinoceros

Arabian. Edit

The Arabian Unicorn resembles a horse with a horn on its head. However, its cloven hooves, slender legs as well as its beard and tail distinguish it. For more information, see Arabian Unicorn.

Indian. Edit

Indian unicorns are smaller and have a shorter horn and mane than their Arabian counterparts .For more information, see Indian Unicorn.

Sumatran. Edit

These unicorns live on the island of Sumatra. See Sumatran Unicorn for more details.

Serican. Edit

These unicorns are from northwest China. See Serican Unicorn for more details.

Trivia. Edit

  • As the Nefud Desert in Arabia has sudden, savage sandstorms and no lions,unicorns still dwell here.
  • The ever-busy Dr. Drake discovered that although their horns magical properties are baseless, ingestion of them in powered form is beneficial.
  • The lion will typically fight the unicorn under a tree, hoping that its horn will get stuck in the tree.
  • All unicons evolved from a common African ancestor.
  • The Cerridwen's Unicorn Attractor works thusly. The spell must be performed at night, in a wood or on a hill by a girl in a long white dress carrying three pomegranates and singing "Oooo-ni-ni,Oooo-ni-ni.". Nearby unicorns will eat the fruit and allow themselves to be petted.
  • A cup made of unicorn horn may purify suspicious or poisoned drinks. Place the drink in it and stir three times. Crumbled over food, it may prevent illness, although as Edward Topsell put it: "I did not neglect other ways to heal myself.". Always consult a doctor. Only use shed horn. A picture of such a chalice, owned by Queen Aleonor of Aquitane, appeared in Monsterology.
  • The Mayor of Madeburg constructed a false unicorn skeleton with only two legs from an extinct rhinoceros and a narwhal horn.
  • They should be fed pomegranate juice until they are five months old.
  • Unicorns can suffer from Horn Rot, a fungal infection which makes the horn brittle. The symptoms are black, grainy dots at the base of the horn. It can be treated with a wash consisting of two parts honey and three parts rose water, to be taken daily.
  • Isidor of Seville speciallised in raising young unicorns.
  • A sample from the mane of a twelve-year-old unicorn was included in Monsterology.

-Unicorn's horns are very important to their mating rituals. What happens is the unicorn taps it's horn with another's and if their horns make a pitch thats the same the will be the right match.