Vampires are blood-drinking demons expelled to Earth by Michael's host of Angels. They have since evolved three "bloodlines", the best known being the Belial, the others being the Ba'al and the Moloch. Archibald Brooks wrote about them in Vampireology: The True History of the Fallen.

The Making of VampiresEdit

The Chosen Human is selected, based on qualities admired by its vampiric Maker and forced to do its bidding by mind control. At the first feed, a storm must rage. The enfeebled Chosen may still recover if the vampire is slain. After the second feed, the Chosen will become anaemic and lose skin pigmentation. At the third feed, the vampire transfers its own blood into the Chosen, and it becomes a vampire forever. Each vampire may only Choose three humans to be its progeny.


Little is known. They do not have a pulse, a heartbeat or normal organ functions. They recover quickly from wounds, do not require food and have an insatiable lust for blood. They are immortal and are thus virtually impossible to destroy. They are stronger and faster than humans. They may also shift form into beasts, though taking the form of animals smaller than themselves causes them great discomfort. Also, the Belial are the only ones that can take the form of mythical beasts. Their eye color is described as "hypnotic purple" (at least when they are actively using their powers of mind-control).


  • If starved, their reflection appears faint.
  • Animals fear and hate them.
  • They fear those with true religious faith.
  • Vampires dislike these plants: almond, aloe vera, bay, catnip, chive, iris, garlic, mustard, nutmeg and star amise.


Their history is long indeed: information can be found at the pages for each bloodline.